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A-Nation Productions aims to help Vocalists, Singers/Rappers and Songwriters out there in the world to easily purchase a Licensed Instrumental Beat and not having to worry about constant Licence renewals. Once a Non-Exclusive Licence for an Instrumental Beat is Purchased you will have a whopping limit of 1 Million Streams*. After the Limit is reached you will be required to Purchase The Exclusive Licence* as you will now have a popular song which you may want to use for Live Performances, Distribution of Music, Radio Play and much more.

A-Nation Productions offers Licensed Exclusive and Non-Exclusive instrumental Beats. With a variety of Genres ranging from Hip-Hop, Trap and RnB to Latin American, Dancehall and POP. Purchasing a beat is made easy at A-Nation Productions after a quick sign-up you are off and ready to download any available instrumental beat for you to record a song and upload to any Streaming Platform.


*Please refer to actual Contracted Licence for further in depth details of offer and requirements